Writing and Speaking

After years of writing academic journal articles and book chapters in the fields of environmental anthropology and human geography, in 2014, when I set sail with my husband and children aboard our boat, Carina of Devon, I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at non-academic writing genres.

Since then, my work has been published in newspapers, magazines and on websites, leading to television and radio interviews and to public speaking engagements.

My writing and speaking are inspired by my life experiences, particularly as an anthropologist, as a parent and as an environmentalist, and much of what I write is deeply informed by my anthropological and geographical background.

My anthropological research has inspired articles on polar bears on the BBC website, Arctic Deeply and in The Huffington Post, while anthropology also informed an article on affluence, published as one of a four-part series on simple living that I was commissioned to write for Living Green magazine.

My deep interest in learning and parenting have led to articles about foraging and breastfeeding in The Green Parent, and about education and learning for Life Learning Magazine.

Our life aboard Carina inspired a number of articles, including an article in The Irish Examiner and another in The Sunday Times. The Irish Examiner article led to interviews on RTE (Ireland) television’s The Today Show and on The Anton Savage Show on Today FM radio. I was invited back to The Anton Savage Show at the end of 2015, as one of the show’s favourite guests of that year.

I have also been a guest on The Big Adventure, Manchan Magan’s radio documentary series about Irish people living adventurous lives. Manchan interviewed me about my experiences as an Irish anthropologist in the Canadian Arctic.

I have also spoken at numerous events, including to school groups, to language students, and to U3A students about my work as an anthropologist and life aboard my boat.

I am available to write on a variety of topics and to speak to groups or at public engagements. If you are interested having me work with you or your group or organization, please contact me by flowing the link here.

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